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The Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA) should learn from the f1 teams association (FOTA).

The GPDA has so far failed to resolve the super license issue, and the FIA looks the most likely to get their way. Despite the GPDA operating as the impromptu drivers union, it lacks teeth and the crucial support of key drivers.

With top drivers like reigning F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa not member, it’s easy to see why the GPDA lacks influence in f1. The F1 teams were in the same situation until last year when they saw the sense in pulling together.

The biggest Achilles heel for the GPDA though is the driver’s inability to work as a unit. When push comes to shove every driver looks out for their own self interest. Although this behavior benefits some, in the long run it’s the drivers themselves who tend to suffer.

A good example is the Michelin teams tire issues at the 2005 United States GP. Most drivers supported the Michelin teams, Michael Schumacher in a Bridgestone team didn’t.

In the current situation the GPDA has called on its members not to pay their fees. The problem is some driver’s fees are paid by their teams as part of their contractual agreement. So I don’t see any driver missing a race will others are on the grid just to show support.

The GPDA has become so insignificant that they can’t even get a meeting with the FIA chief. He cancelled a meeting with the GPDA after comments made by Coulthard. Now if it was di Montezemolo who made the comments, Mosley would not have cancelled on FOTA.

Most drivers don’t realize how important unity is, especially in a competitive sport like F1. I don’t mean unity for unities sake but the kind of unity that creates a fair working environment for everyone.

If something serious happens that affects driver negatively, the don’t have anywhere to turn to. Because they have managed to render their own association obsolete. 


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