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Despite the credit crunch biting, more countries are lining up to join the F1 show.

Despite the fact that the credit crunch is well and truly in effect, more countries are lining up to replace others already in f1. With Canada and France as recent victims, Turkish authorities are worried about their future.

With a host of different countries looking to get a spot on the F1 calendar, existing GP’s are bracing themselves for an onslaught. With the Turkish authorities already worried about their future according to an article on Todays Zaman, other countries are already jostling for position.

With Singapore and Valencia (Spain) debuting in 2008, Abu Dhabi is holding it’s first race this season.India is scheduled for a 2011 debut and other countries including South Korea and Russia are lining up.

With an 18 race limit on the F1 calendar, any new venues will have to oust an existing one. The voices behind the return of a USA GP are growing stronger, meaning another circuit will have to bit the dust.

Hopefully the increased competition will lead to better circuits being built and existing once getting major improvements. All this should hopefully provide a much better racing experience for us f1 fans.


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